The Life Transitions Profile is a survey of 62 different life transitions or events that allows an advisor’s clients to quickly identify what is currently happening or about to happen in their lives. Life transitions are categorized into four types:

Personal and Family
Work and Career
Financial and Investment
Community and Charitable

Examples of transitions include getting married (Personal and Family), starting a new career (Work and Career), purchasing a home (Financial and Investment) and developing an estate plan (Community and Charitable).

Clients choose the transitions they are currently experiencing. Every possible transition––from the cradle to the grave––has been included.

Each transition has been thoroughly researched and included because of the financial implications. Using this tool helps you better serve your clients by making financial decisions based on your client’s personal circumstances.

Paired with the Life Goals Profile, the Life Transitions Profile provides a
complete plan for both advisors and clients to use in creating a financial life plan.




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