Designed to be used by business owners (either advisors or their clients), Business Life Planning is a program designed to help participants understand the integral nature of their business and the impact the business can have on quality of life. It is possible to be true to yourself, your family, and your life, and to build a highly successful enterprise—but it doesn’t happen by accident.

The program begins with an assessment using T.E.A.M. Dynamics™ to help participants gain a stronger understanding of their personality type as well as how they are perceived by others. Participants then explore and analyze the five Ps that make up a balanced life: past, present, principles, purpose, and possibilities.

As part of the program, a Business Life Transitions profile will be completed so participants can get a blueprint of their business’s current financial wellbeing and begin planning for the transitions ahead. The profile queries the five transitions business owners experience:

Financial Transitions
Risk Management Transitions
Sales and Marketing Transitions
Employee-Related Transitions
Business Succession Transitions

Any individuals who have been in business for themselves know there is an integral link between the quality of life and the life of the business. Business Life Planning will enable business owners to optimize both life and business––without sacrificing the best of either.




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